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How Do Life Changes Impact My Car Accident Case?

Every personal injury case is different, but generally they all follow a similar path at the beginning. From a Round Rock dog bite to an Austin car accident, the first steps that take place afterward all tend to have the same trajectory. Unfortunatel… Read More
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Four Reasons Why People Don’t Hire an Accident Attorney When They Should

Personal injury attorneys have quite the reputation – in and out of the legal community. While this particular area of law can offer great material for jokes, the stigmas surrounding personal injury attorneys can have devastating effects on you and… Read More
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Driver Neck Injury Or Backpain

Do I have to go to the hospital immediately after a car accident?

An auto accident injury can range in severity depending on the speed and type of impact as well as who is involved. Sometimes when you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision, it’s obvious that you need medical treatment, and you’re able to get… Read More
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5 Times When you Need a Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident, you might be wondering whether or not it’s better to try to handle your case on your own. A lot of adjusters will tell you that there is no need to hire an attorney. They will try to convince you to get treatm… Read More
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woman after a fall while shopping

What Do I Do After A Slip and Fall?

When you slip and fall at a business and it results in an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. In Texas, slip and fall cases are generally more difficult to prove than a motor vehicle accident. For that reason, some personal injury attorneys… Read More
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How Do My Bills Get Paid After a Car Accident?

When you suffer a car accident injury that wasn’t your fault, you’ll likely incur medical expenses to get treatment. It may seem wildly unfair that you would have to pay for something that you didn’t cause. And you’re right. According to the… Read More
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Black auto mechanic and his customer going through paperwork in a repair shop.

How Do I Get My Car Fixed After an Accident?

It is often incredibly frustrating to deal with the headache of how to get your car fixed after an auto accident. The frustration is only heightened when the accident wasn’t even your fault! Luckily, you have a few options depending on what you wan… Read More
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I Don’t Like My Doctor,…

I Don’t Like My Doctor, What Can I Do?

Getting injured in a car accident is often traumatic. It is important to know that you have options for what kind of treatment you receive as a result of the crash. Although the wreck itself has many facets that need your attention, the most importan… Read More
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Is It Worth Hiring an Att…

Is It Worth Hiring an Attorney For My Accident?

The question of whether or not to hire an accident attorney for a recent accident is difficult to answer simply because there’s no such thing as a “worthless” case. If you were injured because of someone else’s actions, you have a case and it… Read More
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I was in a car crash. Wha…

I was in a car crash. What is the Insurance Company Going to Fix?

Auto insurance is a legal requirement in Texas. If you’re driving in Teas, then you are legally required to have insurance on your vehicle. This is to help you if there are any issues with your car, but more importantly, it’s to make sure that th… Read More
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