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What is a Duty to Mitigat…

What is a Duty to Mitigate Damages?

It happens all the time. You’re talking to the insurance company of the driver that hit you and they tell you that you have a legal duty to mitigate your damages. What does that mean? Unless you’ve been through this process before, you may believ… Read More
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Does the Insurance Compan…

Does the Insurance Company have to Pay For My Lost Wages After an Accident?

Picture this – you were in an accident and have done everything that you’re supposed to do. You called the insurance company, got your car fixed, and saw a doctor for your injuries. Now you’re faced with issues that you hadn’t thought abo… Read More
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How Do I Get a Rental Car…

How Do I Get a Rental Car After an Accident?

If you were involved in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, one of the things their insurance company has to do is put you in a rental car. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different internal policies that all insurance companies follow… Read More
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The Insurance Company Den…

The Insurance Company Denied My Claim. Now What?

It’s frustrating when you’ve been in an accident caused by someone else and the insurance company denies your claim because they “don’t have enough information”. The system is far from perfect and sometimes drivers who are wronged can’t r… Read More
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I'm Moving and My Case Ha…

I'm Moving and My Case Hasn't Closed, What Do I Do?

Whether you’re moving out of the state or across the country, the attorneys at McKinney Vos understand that your hands are full when you pick up your life and move to another home. Fortunately, McKinney Vos uses state of the art technology and can… Read More
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Is My Settlement Check Go…

Is My Settlement Check Going to be Delayed Because of Covid-19

These days, there is nothing usual about business as usual. Nobody knows when things will return to normal. Businesses and individuals are doing what they can to move forward during these uncertain times. Uncertainty quickly escalates to fear and pan… Read More
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