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Is the Driver or Uber Responsible in a Ride-Share Accident?

Ride-sharing apps can be a convenient and affordable way to get around Austin. Unfortunately, as ride-sharing increases, the number of Uber accidents has increased as well. Ride-share collisions are more complicated than standard car accidents becaus… Read More
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What do I do if my Pet was Injured in a Car Accident?

No two car accidents are the same. If your furry loved one was injured in an accident, then you likely have some very specific questions as to how to take care of them. While the general principles might be the same as in other accidents involving in… Read More
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What Do I Do If I Was Involved in a Hit and Run Accident in Texas?

You may be surprised to learn that quite a few people involved in hit and run accidents leave the scene immediately after a crash. Most people flee because they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they don’t have money or insurance, they… Read More
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Two Companions and One Attorney

If you were in an accident with a companion in the car, you might be stressed out about what you’re going to do and whether or not your companion has to do the same thing. This can be especially stressful if a lawsuit has to be filed in your case.… Read More
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Out of State Defendants

Accidents are never planned. That’s why they’re called accidents. They are unpredictable, and often include variables that aren’t ideal for your given situation. One such variable is either the location, a move you need to make, or a defendant… Read More
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Do You and Your Companion Have to Go Through the Same Treatment?

Personal injury cases are unique from case to case. Each case is different, depending on the several circumstances surrounding it. But does that still apply to accidents where there are two people in the vehicle, such as the driver and companion? Whi… Read More
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Aggrevating previous injuries in a car accident

New Versus Old Injuries in Car Accidents

Can a Previous Injury Affect My Auto Accident Case? When you’re involved in a car accident caused by another driver, you’re entitled to recover for your damages from that driver’s insurance company. However, it’s not always that simple. First… Read More
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Accidents with Holiday Delivery Drivers

It is no secret that the holiday season can bring a special kind of festive chaos to your daily routine. Everything from work parties and family events, to getting ready for the holiday itself and wrapping presents can have you feeling like you’re… Read More
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drinking and driving

Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver

Although it is strange to say that there’s a “best case scenario” with a car accident, we all know that if you are involved in a car accident, you hope for no injuries, a cooperative other driver, and a quick and speedy process to get everythin… Read More
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Family holiday travel

Top 5 Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are here, and while we are THRILLED, we understand that not everyone feels the same way. Taking into consideration the amount of family commitments, errands, and work obligations – the holidays can be one headache after another. Add to… Read More
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