How do I get a rental car?

If you were involved in a wreck because of someone else’s negligence, their insurance company is responsible for putting you in a rental car! Unfortunately, there are a lot of different rules and regulations that the insurance company needs to follow and oftentimes their timeline for getting you in a rental car does not match up with the urgency that you feel. At McKinney Vos PLLC, we know how important it is for you to get a working vehicle as soon as possible. We recognize that your life stops without transportation and we’re here to help!

The first question that you need to answer is where your car is. This impacts how soon the insurance company will get you into a rental vehicle. Is your car with you and drivable? Is it at the shop being fixed? Is it at a tow yard? Do you know where your vehicle is? 

The insurance company has a right and a duty to investigate liability after a wreck. This process may include a statement from their insured, inspecting the site, checking the vehicles involved and more. The insurance company will not pay for your vehicle to get fixed or for you to be in a rental car until after they have completed this process. Unfortunately, the process could take up to weeks to complete and we know how frustrating that is!

At Mckinney Vos, we pressure the insurance company to complete their investigation as quickly as possible in order to get you in a rental car and back on the road ASAP.

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