What do adjusters look for when evaluating my case?

There is a lot of information out there to suggest that all insurance companies and all adjusters evaluate every case the same way. That is simply not true. Every company and every adjuster within every company look at things differently. 

Adjusters are tasked with evaluating our demand packet and estimating what a potential jury will give you based on what the law says you are entitled to for your specific case.  Keep in mind, what happens at the courthouse is important because that filing suit is the alternative to settlement. The adjuster’s goal is to make you an offer that entices you to settle your claim and forgo suing their driver. If they make you an offer that is too low, then they’re forcing a lawsuit. If they make an offer that is too high, then they have to answer to their managers and explain why they are paying more than what a jury is likely to award. 

When making an offer adjuster look at a whole slew of things including, your medical bills and records, the severity of your injuries, the level of pain that was reported and if it improved with treatment, if you’ll need future medical treatment, the prognosis of your recovery, whether you missed time from work, whether you missed out on social functions due to your injuries, the amount of property damage, etc.

In order to maximize the offer and your recovery, McKinney Vos PLLC works with you to ensure we present a complete, persuasive demand the first time!

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