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Wrongful Death Claims

Life is fragile. Losing someone in a senseless motor vehicle crash is too painful for words. During such a harrowing time, the last thing you or your family should deal with are insurance companies that will stop at nothing to push off blame and mini… Read More

Slip & Fall Accidents

Injuries can happen anywhere. Those that are caused by the negligent actions of municipalities, retail stores, hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, etc. become very complicated, very quickly. Your first thought may be to assume that a business w… Read More

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks can be terrifying and often result in lasting physical and emotional injuries. In order to make a successful claim, you need to prove that the owner either failed to control the animal or that the animal had a prior history of attacks. Th… Read More

DWI Crashes

All car crashes are frustrating, but it is especially infuriating when the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To think that someone had such little regard for your safety and the safety of your family is maddening. Fortunately,… Read More

Bicycle & Pedestrian Crashes

You deserve to feel safe when riding your bike or walking on a crosswalk. Unfortunately, negligent drivers are out there and threaten your safety. One of the scariest moments as a pedestrian or cyclist is when you realize that the driver of the car n… Read More

Motorcycle Collisions

All motor vehicle accidents can result in injuries, but motorcycle collisions are more likely to result in life-changing ones. Even if you drive defensively and wear full protective gear, you’re more likely to sustain severe injuries in a motorcycl… Read More

Commercial Truck Crashes

Crashes that involve 18-wheelers and commercial trucks require immediate action. Moments after the crash, the other driver is changing records and scrambling to get their story straight in order to save their job. The last thing they are worried abou… Read More

Car Accidents

You never expect it to happen to you and that’s why car accidents are so overwhelming! Here’s what the car accident lawyer team at McKinney Vos can do to help you: Help connect you with a doctor; regardless of whether or not you have health i… Read More