Contract Drafting & Disputes: Our Austin Attorneys will Protect Your Interests and Fight to Achieve Your Goals

Contract Drafting & Disputes

Contracts are everywhere! They govern almost every aspect of our day-to-day life. They cover every day things such as landlord-tenant issues, hiring contractors to do work at your home, reserving a venue for your child's party … the list goes on and on! Even if the contract isn’t in writing, you still may be bound by it. Contract drafting and disputing is complicated, so you need an experienced attorney by your side.

Our Austin-based contract attorneys handle a wide range of contracts throughout Texas. We’re set up to thoroughly investigate and represent clients across the state.

Contracts Do Not Have to Be Written Down

In a perfect world, people would agree on a common goal, the details of the deal, and never waver. Unfortunately, circumstances change and peoples’ memories are faulty at best. To protect yourself and your interests, you need to plan for all likely outcomes and put the agreement in writing. Just because a contract is written and agreed to by both parties does not mean it is enforceable in Texas.

Let Us Protect You and Your Legal Goals

To protect your interests and make sure the agreement is enforceable, you need the attorneys at McKinney Vos on your side. We will discuss your legal goals and concerns, provide counsel on possible outcomes and ways to protect yourself, as well as draft the agreement itself. If the other person has their own attorney, we will negotiate any points of contention with them directly to avoid any unnecessary misinterpretations or hurt feelings during the contract drafting.

If another person has broken their side of the deal or accused you of doing the same, you need an experienced firm to fight for you. The attorneys at McKinney Vos are experienced in negotiating contract disputes and litigating breach of contract claims in courts throughout Central Texas.

Give us a call today and let us protect you!