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DWI Crashes: When A Drunk Driver Hits You, Our Austin Accident Attorneys Don’t Charge Fees Unless We Win

DWI Crashes: When A Drunk…

All car crashes are frustrating, but it is especially infuriating when the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To think that someone had such little regard for your safety and the safety of your family is maddening. Fortunately, Texas law agrees. DWI and DUI crashes happen, and our attorneys can make sure you recover what you are owed under the Texas law.

When you’re injured by someone under the influence, you are entitled to recover punitive damages on top of money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. Punitive damages are designed to punish the other driver for their behavior. Punitive damages are not available in every accident recovery, but only for accidents wherein we can prove malice or gross negligence.

You Focus On Healing, Not Bills

Based in Austin, McKinney Vos’s drunk driving accident attorneys serve clients statewide and have resolved over 1,000 cases for Texas accident victims and their families. Our clients never write us checks for anything; we only recover our attorney fees and case costs from money paid by the other side when we negotiate a settlement for you or win at trial.

The most important thing in any accident is ensuring that you get the medical treatment you need to feel better. For some folks that can be a few months with a physical therapist or a chiropractor. For others, that might include more aggressive treatment such as surgery or extended physical therapy. It depends entirely on the crash and your body. We understand if you don’t have health insurance or cannot afford the co-pays or deductible after a crash. Don’t worry! We can connect you with doctors that will treat you now and agree to be paid after your case resolves.

Our Attorneys Fight to Maximize Your Recovery

The investigation for DWI and DUI crashes operates a little differently than other cases. We investigate the scene, interview witnesses, and obtain surveillance videos and photos. In order to present the strongest case possible, we also obtain the arrest warrant, the investigation report, and criminal history of the other party. Throughout your personal injury case, we’ll stay on top of the criminal case to make sure that any developments are properly relayed to the insurance company to increase our negotiation standing and maximize your recovery.

At McKinney Vos, our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of DWI cases. We work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for our clients so that they can move on with their lives knowing that the other driver paid for their actions. Call McKinney Vos today for a free consultation!

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