The Role of Texas Road Conditions in Motorcycle Accidents

The Role of Texas Road Conditions in Motorcycle Accidents.

The average driver likely gives little thought to poor road conditions. But for motorcyclists, poor road conditions create hazards that can have serious, even fatal consequences. Because motorcycles lack the protection a car provides, riders are exposed to additional risks, including poor road conditions. Poor road conditions affect how the motorcycle handles. They also impact how other drivers respond when sharing a roadway with people on motorcycles.

Road conditions play a significant role in the safe operation of a motorcycle. The state and local agencies responsible for maintaining the roads must ensure they are safe for all motorists, including those on two wheels.

If you were injured or someone you love was killed in a motorcycle accident, the personal injury lawyers at McKinney Vos can analyze your situation, including whether poor road conditions were a factor. We can work to identify who was responsible for causing the crash and will fight for the compensation you and your family deserve.

Common Road Conditions That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Various governmental agencies may be responsible for maintaining the condition of the roadway. After a motorcycle accident, your lawyer should evaluate the roadway where the accident occurred to assess whether road conditions contributed to causing the accident. Here are common road conditions that can pose a serious risk to motorcycle riders.

Road Debris

Cargo or other debris that has fallen off of other vehicles and remains in the road can pose a hazard for motorcyclists. The agency responsible for maintaining the roadway should remove the debris in a timely manner.

Potholes, Gravel, or Missing Pavement

When a rider hits a pothole, gravel, or an area where pavement is missing, they can be thrown off balance and lose control of the bike. Poor road conditions could also cause a tire blowout, which could cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the bike.

Poor Road Design

Roadways should be designed to be as safe as possible. In some cases, the design of the roadway may have contributed to the cause of the accident. For example, blind curves and exit ramps that are too long or too short may leave riders without sufficient time to assess and react to traffic conditions.

Flooding Caused by Poor Drainage

The drainage system should quickly and efficiently remove water from the road. A clogged drain can lead to excess water on the road, which poses additional risk to motorcyclists.

Poor Lighting

Streetlights promote road safety by increasing visibility. A malfunctioning light can create dangerous roadway conditions for motorcyclists riding at night or in rainy conditions.

Missing Barriers

A safe roadway design should include barriers and guardrails to reduce the severity of injury in the event of a crash. A missing or poorly designed guardrail can create a dangerous condition that can seriously injure a motorcycle rider.

Faded Lines

Missing or faded road lines can create hazardous road conditions, especially in the dark or during rainy weather.

Faulty Traffic Signals

A malfunctioning traffic signal can cause an accident. The risk is even greater when other drivers take unnecessary risks to move through an intersection when the traffic signal is malfunctioning. A driver who tries to move quickly through an intersection may not see a motorcycle and could strike the biker.

Hazards Caused by Road Construction

Road construction creates dangerous road conditions, including uneven road surfaces and gravel and other debris in the road. The change in traffic patterns often caused by road construction can also create hazardous conditions as other drivers must change lanes due to lane closures or merges required by road construction.

Dead Animals

A dead animal that remains on the road can create a hazardous condition and could cause a serious accident if a motorcycle strikes the animal.

Who Is Responsible for Poor Road Conditions in Austin, Texas?

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious, catastrophic injuries to the rider. When you work with McKinney Vos, our motorcycle accident injury lawyers will carefully investigate the circumstances that led to a motorcycle accident to assess whether road conditions were a factor in causing the crash. If we identify a hazardous road condition as a factor, we may be able to seek compensation from the agency responsible for maintaining the road.

Some of the agencies responsible for designing and maintaining the safety of roadways in Austin, Texas, include:

  • Property owners who fail to maintain the road adjacent to their property;
  • The City of Austin (or the local government agency where the accident occurred);
  • City or County Animal Control Services;
  • The Texas Department of Transportation; and
  • The Travis County Road and Bridge Division.

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