What to Expect

What’s Going to Happen Now That I Have an Attorney for My Personal Injury Case?

Great question! The first thing to keep in mind is that every case is different. Your case will not be the exact same as your neighbor’s or friend’s. That being said, most injury cases generally follow the same format. Here are some things to keep in mind about your personal injury claim process.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that, just because you've hired us, you will not have to start paying attorney fees. One of the primary reasons you came to us is likely that your injury is putting financial stress on you. That's why you pay us nothing out of pocket for our services. Read more here about how fees in personal injury cases work.

Step 1: Take Care of Yourself!

Your first priority is to take care of yourself and recover from your injuries. This means going to your appointments as scheduled and being completely up front with your doctors about all of your injuries and related symptoms. This stage can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or longer depending on the severity of your injuries. For injuries that require surgery or extended therapy, the recovery time can be closer to a year or more. Keep in mind, everyone responds to treatment differently! Your recovery time may be more or less than others in similar circumstances. At McKinney Vos, we will not rush you through this process. It is vital that you get the care you need at your speed – not anyone else’s!

Step 2: We Document Your Personal Injury Claim and Begin Talks with the Insurance Company

After you’re finished with treatment, we will start gathering the documentation necessary to support your claim. The demand packet we send to the insurance carrier will include all related medical bills and records, documentation to support a claim for economic damages, and a demand for compensation for pain and suffering. We will contact all of your medical providers and order the related bills and records. It can take a few weeks or more for the records to arrive at our office depending on the medical provider. Once all of the documents are in, we will work with you to prepare a demand packet to send to the insurance carrier to begin negotiations!

Step 3: You Accept an Offer or We File a Lawsuit and Keep Fighting

Once we have the best offer from the carrier, we will discuss all of your options – whether that is to accept the offer or file a lawsuit and keep fighting. We will certainly make a recommendation based on our experience and what’s happening at the courthouses, but it is your case and the choice is 100% up to you! Rest assured, you are never alone at any stage of the process!

It’s best to get us involved early in the process, call McKinney Vos today! Based in Austin, we assist clients throughout Central Texas.