18-Wheeler & Commercial Truck Crashes: Our Austin Attorneys Care for You and Your Family

semi accident

Crashes that involve 18-wheelers and commercial trucks require immediate action. Moments after the crash, the other driver is changing records and scrambling to get their story straight in order to save their job. The last thing they are worried about is you and your family. You need Austin truck accident lawyers at your back.

Based in Austin, our truck accident attorneys serve clients statewide and have resolved over 1,000 cases for Texas accident victims and their families. We started our firm to set a higher standard for helping injured people; let us take on the challenges of claims and insurance so that you and your family can focus on healing.

We Begin the Investigation Right Away

At McKinney Vos, we know that quick action can be the difference between success and failure. The sooner we get involved, the better we can help prevent evidence from being lost or destroyed. We immediately:

  • investigate the crash site,
  • research the other driver,
  • examine the employer,
  • interview witnesses, and
  • obtain surveillance photos and videos if available.

Our Austin Truck Accident Lawyers Handle the Complications; You Focus on Healing

After we complete our investigation, we force the other party and their insurance company to accept responsibility for the crash and your injuries. Then we’ll help get things sorted out with your vehicle — whether that is making sure repairs are handled properly and putting you in a rental or getting you a fair offer if your vehicle is totaled.

While we investigate the at-fault party, we want you to focus on healing from your injuries. If you don’t have health insurance or cannot afford the co-pays or deductible, we can help connect you with doctors that will treat you now and agree to be paid after your case resolves.

Commercial cases are significantly more complicated than other car wreck cases. You need an experienced, strategic legal team every step of the way! Contact McKinney Vos today. We’re here to help!